Ensembles and musicians

Ensembles and musicians for wedding or corporate event in Durban

According to your needs you can choose from one musician only
(violin or piano); two - (violin and piano), two violins (or flute), violin and harp; three - violin, piano and percussion jazz trio; string trio or quartet; dance band or even a chamber orchestra!

A digital piano is available to hire if the venue requires one.

We can include percussion instruments or a saxophone to any of the above combinations, which gives the music a more popular and 'jazzy' feel.

You can even have a Dixieland Band, a Live Dance Band or the very new Electric Violin One-Man Band.

Electric Violin One-Man Band!

We are now able to offer you the new Electric Violin One-Man Band!
The accompaniment includes specially created backing tracks with guitars, drums, wind and string instruments (pop orchestra), and even choir voices.

The repertoire consists of pop, disco, rock and jazz music.

Titles such as - Everything I do, Dancing Queen, I will always love you, Let it be, YMCA, Going Home, I will Survive, Hello Dolly, Lambada, Africa, Obladi - Oblada, Bollywood Music and Greek Dances and Songs.

The One-Man Band can be used for the purpose of background music, dancing and a DJ.

This is all presented through a professional amplification system which can be used for venues and audience of any size. In addition, microphones are made available for your speeches and announcements.

This is excellent value for your money!

You could have an entire orchestra, DJ and microphone for the cost of one musician!

Click here to listen to One-Man Band music samples

wedding music in Durban The Queen's guests undoubtedly enjoyed your music and you added much to the pleasure of both evenings.wedding music in Durban

p.p. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II




wedding music in Durban We are absolutely thrilled to be working with you, we cannot wait! I had tears in my eyes when you played some examples for us… Your music is truly amazing!wedding music in Durban

Angela Young




wedding music in Durban Everyone has commented on the excellent music and I'd highly recommend you to family and friends.wedding music in Durban

Pam Meyers




wedding music in Durban I cannot tell you how many people expressed how much they've enjoyed your music. You judged the mood perfectly and played just the right music to make an impressive and enjoyable evening.wedding music in Durban

Chris Botha


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